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About Us

We are a boutique IP firm focusing on trademark law, worldwide. Our team includes large law firm veterans and seasoned in-house counsel who were recognized as the “Best In-house Team”; we have baby boomers who have worked at the world’s top organizations for 25 years as well as millennials who know how to build computers from scratch. Our mission is simple: bring value, get results, build world-class brands.

Beijing, Taipei, & More

Our Asia Practice

To support our global practice, we have two international offices, one in Beijing, Mainland China, and the other in Taipei.

The Beijing office is a joint undertaking with NTD. NTD is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in China, with over 500 legal professionals, and also one of the oldest, having started as only one of four law firms in China permitted to handle foreign IP work.

The Eligon team’s international presence is a result of strong relationships that have evolved into friendships over many years. The cornerstones of our international alliances are trust and respect; we have the privilege of each other’s candid counsel, and appreciate the ability to call each other morning, noon or night to tackle a crisis on the other side of the world.

Our alliances are much more than a network of “preferred counsel.” What sets Eligon apart are the strong, personal, collaborative relationships forged over decades, whether that be working alongside colleagues during a brutal Beijing winter (and sharing a hot pot afterwards) or sharing the frustration of receiving a summons by WhatsApp (as opposed to certified mail) in India. With our international personnel and strategic international alliances, our clients get the best of both worlds – U.S. based attorneys who understand U.S. businesses with the local connections needed to do business on the ground overseas.

How Our International Expertise Benefits Our Clients

The advice you get from Eligon is more thoughtful than advice from typical foreign counsel, which often amounts to nothing more than forwarding emails, with little meaningful guidance or insight. The advice we give is backed up by hours of candid conversations with our strategic alliance partners, often coupled with heated (but friendly) debates, in the local languages.
Our relationships allow Eligon to be far more responsive than firms relying on typical foreign counsel relationships. This not only reduces the frustration caused by the US-Asia time difference but also streamlines legal billing, reducing excessive delays and eliminating meaningless back-and-forth.

Having Asia offices means a deeper connection to the region, with regular meetings to discuss trends, tips and solutions for cases; we talk in person (not over email) to avoid misunderstandings and ensure consistent advice. Our colleagues include some of the most experienced and well-known practitioners in the region – including a former Beijing trademark judge and an expert who has presided over 800 arbitration cases in Greater China.

Our Company Name

Eligon IP [logo]


Our company name, Eligon, consists of two parts: “eli” and “gon.”

The Latin terms eligo and eligere speak to the act of choosing among various options, and form the basis of the English word “elite.” This concept sums us up well:

We are a group of elite legal experts, trained to be the best at what we do, and chosen by clients because of that expertise.

Gon is a Greek suffix used to show a shape has a number of “sides” or “angles.” This captures two concepts that are important to us: (1) We embrace a creative process with our clients that helps us transform ideas – which might be intangible, fuzzy and without shape – into tangible intellectual property assets that have defined borders and are protectable. (2) As legal professionals, we look at all the “angles” and identify the “edges” – the issues, opportunities and innovations that others may miss – to craft winning legal strategies and secure positive outcomes.

When you engage Eligon, our name tells you that you will get an elite global team who specializes in intellectual property law; our value proposition is to be the best at what we do, and to see opportunities and deliver client results where others do not.


The Single Most Indispensable Source on China Trademark Law

Partner Amy Hsiao is recognized as one of the foremost thought leaders on trademark and copyright law in China. Amy was selected by China’s former Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Trademark Association as the only Western attorney to contribute to a leading treatise analyzing the top 26 landmark trademark cases in China. Published by Wolters Kluwer, the book is viewed as China’s very first trademark textbook for the Western world and described as “the single indispensable source on China Trademark Law”

Landmark Trademark Cases in China: An In-Depth Analysis

Wolters Kluwer, 2017

How Do We Work?



We thrive on the nuance and complexity of the law – not cookie-cutter solutions.



A paper victory may not represent success if the cost of “winning” is too high. We look at issues strategically and pragmatically.



Our strategies have been developed over time and proven to be effective.



We strive to respond to your emails in 48 hours or less.


Tech Friendly

We leverage technology to be “better, faster, stronger”; we work smarter, not harder.

For a US-based expert on Chinese trademark law, look no further than Amy Hsiao. [She] has tried and tested strategies at the ready for brand management and enforcement in Greater China.

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